Keeping Peace in Your Marriage

How do you keep peace in your marriage? There are so many challenges that happen to marriage from exhaustion and grumpy attitudes to the scarier questions like, “Do I even still like the person that I’m with?” In this roundup, you’ll find Christian relationship advice to help you through all kinds of situations.



Keeping Peace in your Marriage

For your sake, I’ve divided the posts into two sections: those hosted on Chaotic Life and those hosted off of it. All posts present are ones personally connected to my name as either author or editor.

Chaotic Life Posts

  1. Don’t Let Fights Redefine Your Relationship – What do thunderstorms and Mountain Dew have to do with relationships? Not a lot, unless you’re me. Then they suddenly become the instruments that God uses to teach a very important relationship lesson.
  2. Five Things You Need to Know About Marrying a Pastor – Have a man in ministry, or are you considering marrying a man in ministry? These are five things you need to know about marriage to a Pastor, and how your marriage can be destroyed.
  3. Stress Relief in the Midst of Chaos – While I wrote this with mothers in mind, the tips can apply to any relationship going through the stress of a bad day, week, or month. The post contains seven tips for keeping calm.
  4. Seize the Freedom to Make Memories with Your Family Today  Sometimes you need time to make memories with your significant other. This post contains ideas for how to find low-cost things to do while providing tips for seizing the freedom to make memories.
  5. How to Show Love to the Husband Who is Still Searching for Christ – Guest contributor Elaine Sinnott opens up about her relationship with her husband. If this is you, then you need to read this post.
  6. Seven Ways to Love Your Husband Through a Difficult Time – This is Chaotic Life’s top relationship post for a reason. Guest contributor Madison Weaver did an awesome job writing it.

External Posts

For some reason, most of my relationship advice happens off of Chaotic Life. The month of June is dedicated to building up the men in our life, though, so hopefully that will be remedied.

  1. Stop Nagging! – When Cathy McIntosh and I talked about guest blogs for each other, she wanted an example of how life was better when I made a decision from Scripture. Since I like to stay a little bit goofy, I picked something absolutely ridiculous: conflict with my husband over a monster basket of clothes. I recognize that it is ridiculous, so don’t be afraid to chuckle at my expense.
  2. How to Fight Fair: Four Tips to Limit the Nastiness in Your Arguments – In my post for Ailie Baumann, I finally put my Communications degree to use by giving four practical tips to “limit the nastiness” in your arguments. It’s some good stuff, and I’m not tooting my own horn. These are tips taken from a hodgepodge of communication theories.
  3. The One Simple Rule that Kept My Marriage Strong Through the Newborn Phase – The newborn phase is rough, even when you have a “good baby.” This is what my husband and I did to stay connected through it.
  4. How to Inspire Your Husband to Spiritual Greatness (Without Nagging!) – How do you inspire your husband to step it up as a Spiritual leader? Now how do you do it without nagging? Read my post on From This Day Forward to find out.



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6 thoughts on “Keeping Peace in Your Marriage

  1. Rebekah

    I’m excites to read your guest posts, so I’m saving this for later when I have time to go check them out. It’s so cool that you have to things in the ezine! Going to check that out right now!


    1. Lauren C. Moye

      REBEKAH, thank you for taking time to stop by the blog. I hope you enjoy the posts!


  2. kathy

    Boy do we need this as a reminder always. Marriage can be so beautiful and so challenging. During challenging times we need to remember such wisdom!! Im married 21 yrs and still haven’t gotten it!
    Blessings, and what a precious baby!!!! I miss the little ones.! Wish I had your marriage guide back then during times of stress. You young moms and dads carry alot!


    1. Lauren C. Moye

      KATHY, thank you for stopping by the blog! Yes – my favorite note congratulating me on my engagement read, “Marriage isn’t always easy, but it sure is fun!” That phrase sums up all of my experience in marriage. I think there’s always something new to learn.
      Thank you! She’s a doll, and a mischevious imp, and pretty much a constant source of amusement. 🙂


  3. Marisa Boonstra

    There is so much good wisdom here! I’ll be married for 14 years next month, and I still have a lot to learn. 🙂


    1. Lauren C. Moye

      MARISA, thank you so much for stopping by and for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it!


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