The #March25 Blog Post Roundup is now LIVE

It’s that time again! Even though this is still a new feature to the blog, I love being able to share some of the wonderful posts that I’ve discovered with all of you.

What is the #March25 Roundup?

I read a lot of content each week as research, participate in different groups, and go through share threads. But what’s the good of digging through all that content if I have no way to say, “Hey! This isn’t just good. This one is GREAT!” So I do two things. First, I send out a few links to other bloggers’ work in my email newsletter. On the first of each month, I create a list with my five favorite reads in these categories:

  • Christianity/Devotions
  • Kids/Motherhood
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Miscellaneous

You’ll also see a bonus section with my (meaning that I’ve either written or hosted on Chaotic Life) favorite posts from the previous month. Got it? Good! Let’s start.

But First, Announcements

Announcement #1 – Pinterest Group Boards

I’ve started two new group boards this previous month that I’m looking for contributors on:

  • Inspiring Christian Mothers – Anything that Busy Moms would be interested in goes, as long as it is appropriate for a Christian audience. Posts do not have to be based on Scripture. However, they need to be clean and shouldn’t promote things against the Bible. Posts also do not have to be exclusively motherhood related. Just make sure you can justify what you are pinning for mothers.
  • Finding Peace in Your Marriage for Wives – this is a relationship board. Again, it doesn’t have to be Scripture based or written exclusively for wives. However, be smart about this. Try to keep things pinned here on topic.

To join these boards, please make sure you follow my Pinterest account. Then either message me on there or send me a email at laurencmoye(at) with your account username.

Announcement #2 – Guest Contributor Deadlines

I’ve got some deadlines for some themes coming up. For more information on being a guest contributor or to join my contributor-only mailing list, please click here.

April Theme – Finding Balance – Due 03/25/17

When I asked my readers what kind of posts they would like to see, it all fit neatly under one theme: finding balance. How do you balance a Spiritual calling with the physical tasks necessary to living? How do you balance the children’s extracurricular activities with your need to rest? Or homeschooling with a social life?

Guest contributors are welcome to send me their best post that will help readers find balance in some way in their life. These posts can be in any category: devotional, relationship, managing space, managing time, parenting, etc. Everything should be compatible with a Christian worldview, but it is not necessary to work Scripture into a post about balancing the care of a newborn baby with keeping the rest of the family fed.

If you are interested in writing for this theme, please do send me an email (laurencmoye(at) with your post idea. This is just so I can make sure it’s not duplicated. Posts are due 03/25/17.

May Theme – Seasons of Motherhood – Due 04/25/17

We know the seasons of motherhood. There’s the newborn season, the terrible two season, the joyful season, the painful season, the letting go season, and so forth. Now, I promised myself I wouldn’t get involved in any serious themes for nows, but apparently God had other plans. In celebration of Mothers’ Day, I want to have a post every day (with the exception of Sundays) dedicated to celebrating mothers. Heads up, I’m also doing this for Fathers’ Day in June! That means I need a lot of help filling up the slots!

Posts can be short and sweet. They can contain your best advice for a season, or just simply reflect on a season of motherhood. Whatever it is, I NEED you to email me if you want to contribute. This is so I don’t give away your slot by accident. So if you’re interested in this theme, please send me an email (laurencmoye(at) with your post idea. Posts will be due 04/25/17.

#March25 Roundup


  1. Releasing Negative Thoughts and Embracing a Renewed Mind by Jenn on Embracing Life | For the academia, Jenn breaks down Romans 12:2 by focusing on relevant Greek keywords.
  2. Restoration Devotional 2/12 by Francesca Price on Restoration 2017 | This site focuses around Francessa’s word of the year: restoration. The devotional from this date has a bunch of great reflections on a the daily walk of a Christian’s life.
  3. Worship in Silence by Mari Jones on Journey of a Million Miles | I think a lot of times we think of worship as being active, as being loud. Sometimes God meets with us in the stillness, though. I love Mari’s closing plea to, “Worship Him With Undivided Attention.”
  4. Trade your ‘Toos’ for ‘Tah-dahs’ by Becca on She Who Believed | I know the title is weird. Just give it a chance, because this is a great encouragement to stop letting your “I’m too (blank)” excuses to get in the way of the “tah-dah” moments of what God can do through your life.

Top Pick

What If I Treated Everyone I Met Like They Were Jesus by Michelle Goodman on Michelle Goodman

I’m a sucker for unusual stories, which this post for Michelle definitely contains. Enjoy reading through her experience when she decided to treat the people she met with the same respect and generosity that she would show Jesus.


  1. 6 Ways that Homeschooling Made Me a Better Parent by Marisa on Called to Mothering | I don’t keep it a secret that I’m a homeschool advocate. In fact, I’ll go ahead and tell you that I’m a homeschool alum. But how does homeschooling affect your parenting? Marisa writes a very honest post on how homeschooling her kids has changed her own life.
  2. Encouraging Bible Verses for the Special Needs Mom by Kaylene on This Outnumbered Mom | I’m also big on supporting Special Needs families. Before I became a SAHM, I worked with children on the autism spectrum. That’s why I want to take a moment to share a post written specifically for the Special Needs Mom.
  3. Balancing Home-Making and a Full-time Job by Brittany at Grace Love Life | Looks like I’m on a theme in this segment, because this post is for the working Moms. Ladies, you are awesome. You do a lot.
  4. Dear SAHM by Shannon at Memoirs of a Working Mom | To stay on theme, I’m including this very poignant letter written by a working Mom. Thanks, Shannon! I know your letter meant a lot to me when I first read it.

Top Pick

What About the #MommyFails by Elizabeth on What Mama Knows

Have you seen the ’10 Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood’ posts? It’s a challenge passed around the Mommy Bloggers, but what if you struggle to write that post? That’s exactly what happened to Elizabeth. The post that she wrote instead is honest, relatable, and encouraging to Busy Christian Moms.


  1. Ten Things a Hurting Husband Needs From His Wife by Joleen Engle on | I love this post on how wives can support their husband when he’s been beat down by life. If you haven’t been through this yet, you will!
  2. Ways to Support Your Husband While He’s Working Overtime by Abi on Joy In My Kitchen | And while we’re on the subject, some of our husbands work long hours. How can you help build him up during this time? Abi has some great suggestions!
  3. The Importance of Taking a Timeout by on Don’t Call Me Supermom | A very short but great read on why even the parents need an occasional timeout. Hint: it helps our relationships.
  4. 12 Ultimate Tips for Long-Lasting Love by Julie on Unmasking the Mess | This is a great overview of a Biblical marriage that contains 12 very simple tips for long-lasting love. Plus, it’s not near as long as some of the other posts I could have put here.

Top Pick

5 (More) Ways to Make Him Significant Again by Marva on Sun Sparkle Shine

This is a fun post for those times when you feel like the significance of your relationship has dwindled. What makes it really great? It’s a SEQUEL post so you really get 10 ways to make your husband significant again by visiting only one website.


  1. How to Save Hundreds of Dollars Each Year on Hair Care by Rebekah Thompson on Surviving Toddlerhood | I’m a minimalist when it comes to my hair. Okay, I’m just lazy. But I’ve finally taken a simple fact to heart this past year: Americans wash their hair way too much. Read this article for some other tips on saving money on your hair care!
  2. The $20 Grocery Budget by Christine T. on Premediated Leftovers | For those months when you overspend your budget, or if you just need help cutting costs.
  3. Ten Tips for a Successful Cash Budget by Krysal on Little Light on a Hill | I swear I’m not receiving compensation for pushing Little Light on a Hill on you. I just really like their blog. And I’m not going to withhold great content from my readers just because I’ve mentioned a blog FOUR months in a row.
  4. How to Plan an Awesome Family Vacation on a Budget by Abbi on Small Town Soul | Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t make memories. This was a timely post from Abbi because my own little family is looking at taking a trip soon.

Top Pick

Why Babysitting Should Always in Your Budget by Ayanna on 21 Flavors of Splendor

Hint, hint, Busy Moms! Take some advice from Ayanna and PLAN to have babysitting money.


  1. The Power of Harmless Words by Audrey Huck on Life With Little People | This is a great (and sobering) reminder to watch what you say.
  2. Journal Your Journey by April Boyer on Resting in His Shadow | I’m not an active journaler, but I do often recommend that people journal or write letters as they struggle through something. This post by April contains a lot of great advice on journaling your journey.
  3. 5 Ways to Support Foster and Adoptive Families In Their Adventures Ahead by Naomi on 127 Living | Naomi’s blog revolves around adoption, which makes her a great resource for anybody interested in adoption or fostering. Even if you’re not, though, it’s still great to know how to support the families around you who are. That makes this specific post a great read!
  4. The Whisperers: A Painful Truth about Self-Talk by Colleen Thompson on Upgradual | I can still remember my Mom saying, “Don’t talk about my daughter like that!” It was shocking because I was the one who had said something negative about myself. I think we all struggle with tearing ourselves down, which is why you need to read this post by Colleen.

Top Pick

Anxiety: The Modern-Day Plague That’s Killing Women by Amaris on Crumbs and Glamour

I don’t struggle with anxiety, but I’ve had friends who do struggle with it. That’s why I feel like it’s important to keep a dialogue going about it. So when I found this very thorough gem of a post on the subject, I knew it needed to be shared. Even if anxiety isn’t your struggle either, please consider sharing this post on your personal Facebook page.

The Chaotic Life Bonus Five

If I had to pick five articles that are connected to Chaotic Life for you to read, it would be these five. Please share one of them with your friends!

  1. A Christian Mom’s Guide to Teaching Kids about Peer Rejection & Bullying  (Guest contribution by Crystal Bemis) (Top Post of the Month)
  2. 7 Ways to Love Your Husband Through a Difficult Time (Guest Contribution by Madison Weaver)
  3. How Do You Love the Husband Still Searching for Christ (Guest Contribution by Elaine Sinnott) (Personal Favorite)
  4. How Do You Show Love During Tense Circumstances (Guest Contribution by Cathy McIntosh)
  5. 4 Things to Remember for that Moment When You Can’t Go On Anymore (Throwback)

And a big thank you to all of my wonderful guest contributors who let me take February off from blogging! You ladies are all awesome, and I’m working on ways to highlight all of your wonderful posts. I hope that I can repay you all at a later point!

Please share with your friends!

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