Finding the Freedom to Serve Christ

As you work on finding freedom from the burdens that hold you back, you’re also finding the freedom to do other things. This is why it is so important to recognize the kind of freedom that we have. Betty Predmore is back on Chaotic Life today to explain more.

Freedom in our Choices

When I think of freedom, the Israelites come to my mind. After serving the Egyptians as slaves for over 400 years, they were led out of Egypt and into freedom by Moses and Aaron. And while it is true that they wandered for 40 years before reaching the Promise land, they were free from the slavery that had bound them for so long.

“Therefore, say to the Israelites: ‘I am the Lord, and I will bring you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians. I will free you from being slaves to them, and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with mighty acts of judgment.’”

Exodus 6:6 ESV

Yes, they were free, and with that freedom they made some pretty bad choices during their journey. They erected idols out of their gold, and worshiped those idols instead of worshiping God. They acted out immoral behaviors that brought absolutely no glory to God, nor did their actions reflect any gratitude to God for bringing them out of a miserable situation.

Finding Freedom in Serving

What about us? We live in “the land of the free.” We are free to choose how we worship. We are free to choose what our lives stand for. Moral or immoral – the choice is ours. It is only when we choose moral over immoral, when we choose to worship the one true King, that we experience real freedom. 1 Peter 2:16 tells us,

“Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.”

Is it possible that by living as servants, we experience freedom? Absolutely!

Serving Christ requires knowing Christ. Knowing Christ means that we know his word – we know the truth. Through that knowledge, we are set free:

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:32

Freedom is found in loving and serving the Lord:

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

John 8:36

Love brings purpose and joy into our life as it frees us from our burdens. How beautiful it is to know that we are free in Christ? What a comfort it is to know that because we choose to serve him, we are free to love, to rejoice, to worship, and to shine His marvelous light out into the world. We are free to speak of His unfailing love. We are free to bring hope to the hopeless and comfort to those who are troubled. It is a precious thing to serve the Lord. It is equally precious to know that through these acts of service, our freedom is found.

How do we find freedom to serve Christ? Can we really find freedom by becoming a servant?

Concluding Thoughts

The Israelites eventually made it to the land of milk and honey. There they were able to live as free men and women and to worship their God. How marvelous it is that we enjoy that same privilege today. We can stop on the side of the road and pray for someone in need. We can hand a Bible to a stranger. Acts of service, big and small, are attainable because we are free.

Are you recognizing your freedom? Are you utilizing your freedom to the best of your ability to glorify God? Are you taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way to share about the love of Jesus? Are you celebrating His goodness in the mountaintops and in the valleys?

Don’t miss a single opportunity to live out your life of freedom in Christ. Let that sense of freedom saturate your soul and bring peace to your heart. Remember: you are FREE to run towards the cross. You are FREE to laugh in joyous exuberance. You are FREE to rest in His love and peace. You are FREE to be all that He created you to be.


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About Betty Predmore

Betty Predmore is a writer,blogger, speaker, and ministry leader who spends her days encouraging other women through the Word of God. She is Co-founder of the Women of Virtue Empowerment Network, which is a faith-based non profit organization created for the purpose of inspiring and encouraging women to find help and hope in Jesus Christ.

As an author, she has had the opportunity to impact women and reach deep into their hearts with her words of inspiration and encouragement. Through Pondering Virtue and Whispered Grace, she has created wonderful tools for the woman who is seeking direction in her spiritual walk. While Betty thrives on her ministry opportunities, her greatest blessings come from being a wife to her beloved husband and a mama to their wonderful collection of children, both biological and adopted, who bring joy, laughter, and sometimes tears to her days.

Betty can be reached by email at Betty.predmore(at) Her website is She shares inspirations in her Facebook page Grace &Virtue Betty Predmore and her Facebook group Mom-Sense.

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8 thoughts on “Finding the Freedom to Serve Christ

  1. Rebekah

    One thing that has definitely freed me lately has been the refusal to please everyone. I’m a people pleaser and it is very hard for me when people don’t agree with me, they aren’t willing to see my side, or they just keep hammering their view without even allowing me to have mine. I finally decided enough is enough, they don’t have to agree with me and my views, but I do need to stand for the things that I believe in. This has freed me sooo much the past few months!


    1. Lauren C. Moye

      Rebekah, I can understand that. I’m glad that you’ve found some freedom from it, and I will continue to pray for you!


  2. Angela

    This is a great reminder to live in the freedom God has given us!


    1. Lauren C. Moye

      Angela, thank you for taking the time to comment!


  3. Ellen @ Mommy Happiness

    My favorite part- ‘Moral or immoral – the choice is ours. It is only when we choose moral over immoral, when we choose to worship the one true King, that we experience real freedom. 1 Peter 2:16 tells us,

    “Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.”

    Is it possible that by living as servants, we experience freedom? Absolutely!’
    This is a great post and one to read often as a reminder that we are FREE when we make the choice to follow and glorify God <3


    1. Lauren C. Moye

      Ellen, thank you so much for leaving a comment! It means a lot to me, and I’m sure Betty appreciates it as well.


  4. Francesca Price

    How wonderful it is to know that we are a New Creation, we are FREE!!! Thank you for the post ❤️


    1. Lauren C. Moye

      Francesca, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I know I appreciate it, and I’m sure that Betty does as well.


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