Christ Traded HIS Freedom So That You Can Be Free From Your Burdens

My friend Mari Jones is back on Chaotic Life with a great portrait of what freedom in Christ looks like. Always remember that Christ traded His freedom so that you can be free from your burdens.

What does freedom in Christ mean?

Freedom has set you free

To give the ultimate gift of freedom, Love laid down His life for the sake of another. This unselfish act of sacrifice allows freedom to reign so that others do not have to live in bondage.

What is it in my human nature that causes me to forget the “freedom from bondage” part on a daily basis?

What does freedom in Christ mean?

In my human nature, I quickly forget that I am free. Guilt tells me I deserve the pain in which I live and shame reminds me of my story. They are the ball and chain I drag relentlessly. Guilt and shame are key ingredients for a recipe of disaster. Together, the two of them convince me that I deserve every ounce of my suffering. Nine times out of ten, I give in and believe them. I pick up my chains and follow, because it’s easier that way.

However, the cross is not easy. Maybe it is the blood, the guts, the gore of an actual human suffering unto death, but I don’t think the cry of Christ to His Father “Why have you forsaken me?” portrayed easy. The Savior of the world could have removed Himself from the suffering situation in which He found Himself. He could have used the excuse, “It’s just easier this way.”

It is for the freedom found in living free that Christ died. He gave me a choice to accept or deny.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by the yoke of slavery.”

Galatians 5:1

Freedom from my past

My past is an ugly place. There is a fourteen-year span that I wish would disappear for good. Just go away, please! Memories do not go away, especially the tough ones. They linger longer and – in the lingering – create bondage. The creed of bondage states that you carry your chains without fighting the system. Do your time and you shall go free.

Bondage is a lie; you’ll never go free unless you fight the system.

While I was still a sinner, Christ died to free me from the shame and guilt of my past (Romans 5:8). He died to activate grace in my life (Galatians 2:21). He died for my freedom but left the choice of acceptance up to me.

I needlessly drag my baggage of shackles and leg irons. I give in and take the easy road while my Savior suffers in vain because I’m too chicken to stand up to guilt and shame.

Don’t waste His pain

His agony was not for the entertainment value of the masses gathered but rather for a purpose.

My purpose.

What took place on the cross was a gift exchange for me; my bondage for His freedom.  His yoke is easy and His burden light.

It’s a mighty big slap in the face when the hero is rejected and the girl He died to save casually says, “No thanks, it’s easier this way.” I can choose to accept the freedom and fight the snare of bondage or I can give up and give in, carry my chains and do my never-ending time. My choice.

Time to give up

The price of freedom is never free, nor is it easy to accept the generous gift given to us. Human nature and the serene call of sin make it so simplistic to pick up the old ways and walk in them. Life on the outside of bondage is new and different; I have a fear of the unknown. The consequences of bondage lead to death, but the gift of freedom in God is eternal life. Letting go is hard, but the price is paid. Set down your chains and back away slowly.

What does freedom in Christ mean?

Trust His freedom

Christ’s words are truth. You can bank your life on it. When guilt, shame, fear, or whatever bondage you are in tries to entice you to come back, just say no. He laid down His life for your freedom. His selfless act of grace makes it possible for you to stand in strength and choose the cross. Lift your head daily and take His hand; He will walk your path of freedom by your side.

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