You Have the Freedom to Do Great Things

After spending a whole month on the theme Freedom, you might be thinking something like, “Sure, all the articles on freedom are great, but why does it really matter? Sure, my life isn’t perfect, but it’s okay.” The point of this entire month has been building to this:

You can do better than okay; you have the freedom to do great things.

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The Freedom to Do Great Things

What we call Great

A long time ago, I wrote an article that talked about a girl who raised $250,000 for charity before she became a teenager. Rachel Wheeler did something that we would all label as great. She accomplished a fantastic feat that most of us know that we couldn’t do.

We admire the people who can speak multiple languages. As somebody who often gets singled out of the crowd for help – even by foreigners – I know I often wish I could communicate effectively in many different languages.

We admire the entrepreneurs who go onto Shark Tank. I think most of us secretly wish that we could be one of them. Their bravery, their ingenuity, the fact that they have succeeded at building a business is something great.

And then there are the Spiritual Greats that we look up to in both the past and the present. These are the ones who have led hundreds of people to Christ and seem to bring so much clarity to God’s word every time they speak. We are astounded by stories of the missionaries who preach multiple times a day. We are amazed by the pastor’s who bring true revitalization to a church or spark a genuine revival in our community.

We know that we can never be great like them. We know that the average person can’t learn languages, can’t raise large sums of money, and can’t become accomplish anything great for God.

Except for the tiny fact that we don’t truly know because we don’t even try.

You can achieve greatness. | Encouragement | Inspirational | Motivational | Christian Motherhood | Christian Lifestyle | Quote

Doing Great Things

Finding Time

My husband has been diligently studying Spanish since the new year because he needs to CLEP the test to fulfill degree requirements. His Spanish vocabulary isn’t very big when you can compare it to English, but he can hold actual non-scripted conversations in Spanish. He’s already accomplished something great. Why? Because it was a necessary priority in his life.

Almost daily, I work at making this blog a place of refuge for the weary and exhausted Christian mothers. While it’s not something that I would label “great” at the moment, it’s a solid foundation for God to turn into something great. The full tag line for Chaotic Life is:

“Helping busy Christian Mothers manage life so there’s time for more important things.”

This whole month has been dedicated to finding release from the burdens that hold us back. Time management will get easier with every burden that you release. With improved time management, suddenly you’ll be free to chase after the great things because it’s fun or is important to you.

To clarify, I write this blog primarily because it is important to me. That’s why – even though it can be stressful some weeks, like when technology fails – I’m not going to stop writing it to pursue something more practical. This is what God has called me to do, and I have found the time to do it.

One Step at a Time

All great things seem impossible at the start. Do you think Billy Graham anticipated being a great evangelist? Do you anybody expected Rachel Wheeler to succeed in her goal?

No, but they did achieve the great things because they took it one step at a time. They took it one convert, one speaking engagement, or one fundraiser at a time. How is that any different than what we can do?

In the fiction writing world, there’s a popular mindset that writers latch onto. It’s the mindset that even on the bad writing days, we’re a little bit closer to finishing the book than if we hadn’t written anything. How great would that mindset be if we adopted it?

  • “It’s not a new after-school ministry program, but it is a one-day Backyard Bible Club. It’s getting me closer.”
  • “I’m not starting a new church, but I am running a 6-week Bible Study in my home.”
  • “I’m not fluent in Spanish, but I can use Spanglish to get my point across, now. It’s a start.”
  • “I may not have a full-time operational ministry that equips Christian Moms to deal with everything that life, motherhood, and their faith throws at them, but I do have some dedicated readers on my Christian Motherhood blog. I’ll get there.”

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in trying to do what’s big that we forget the source of our greatness: God’s power working inside of us. If we stopped doubting the overall big picture, then maybe it would be easier to take those smaller steps one day at a time.

And right now, some of you are thinking, “Wait – those are small steps? You’re talking about a whole Backyard Bible Club and hosting a six-week Bible Study.” If that feels too big, then start even smaller:

  • Have your kids invite some of the kids who tend to fall through the cracks over. Live your faith in front of your tiny guests just like you do your own children.
  • Start by learning the Spanish alphabet and numbers.
  • Spend thirty minutes seeing how many blog post ideas you can generate.

It’s Not About Failing or Succeeding

Pursuing greatness isn’t about if you ultimately fail or succeed. It’s about letting God direct your steps, and embracing every minute of it. God can even use learning Spanish or starting a business for His own purpose and glory. Pursuing greatness is an adventure like no other.

You can achieve greatness. | Encouragement | Inspirational | Motivational | Christian Motherhood | Christian Lifestyle | Quote

Seriously, it’s a roller coaster ride of emotion. It can leave you feeling wiped out and like you’re losing at life. But on the days when you see success, there is a rush of exhilarating joy where you just want to tell somebody else who GETS IT.

Pursuing greatness isn’t about failing or succeeding because those are human ideas. You can run a business into the ground or never get a ministry running, but still succeed at following God’s directions. And when you think about it from God’s perspective, what is success, anyways? Sometimes it’s a whole lot of effort just so that you can affect one other person.

That is also greatness.

My dear Busy Mom, you have the freedom to do great things. What’s stopping you?

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  1. Beka

    This is such an important message! We CAN do more than ok- with small steps towards our big goals/dreams. Thank you for this much-needed reminder.


    1. Lauren C. Moye

      Beka, thank you so much for the comment. I appreciate it very much!


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