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As you may have noticed, there’s no #25 Roundup this month. Why? Because somehow I kept forgetting to record the links of the posts that were great. I chalk it up to having too many days where the bulk of my blogging work happened after my daughter went to sleep.

So anyways, there is no #April25. Sorry! I’ll make sure to stay on top of things for next month. Meanwhile, I do have some announcements.

Chaotic Life Announcements

Legal Disclosure

So, having a legal disclosure is highly recommended to keep ALL of us safe. And – thanks to my impromptu affiliate-linked post – I actually took the time to put a disclosure into place. This disclosure covers comments and guest contributions, so please take a look. You can click here or use the sidebar link.

Contributor Opportunities

May – Seasons of Motherhood

We all know the seasons of motherhood: the newborn season, the teething season, the teenager season, the all-star season, the “things didn’t turn out right” season, and on-and-on. During the month of May, I want to celebrate all the seasons of Motherhood.

I still have some spots open for this contributor opportunity, but there aren’t many openings. If you’re interested in participating and have not already contacted me in some way, this is what I need you to do: email me a full rough draft ASAP. I have to campaign to fill the remaining slots, so this might get competitive.

You can email me at laurencmoye(at) The posts are due April 25, but you the sooner you get a post to me, the better.

June – Building Up the Father

How do we support our men in their role as Father? How can we facilitate their interactions? What do we admire? And, since you cannot separate out the father from the husband, I’m willing to take any advice for how we can build up our individual men.

Note: I’m open to tributes to your own father, as well.

You can email me an informal proposal at any point to laurencmoye(at) I need to know if you want to participate immediately, though, so I don’t campaign your slot away. Posts will be due on May 25.

Miscellaneous Announcements

  • There will be no theme for July. I feel that I will need this break to re-center myself after the chaos of the May and June themes. I have already discussed contributor opportunities with my existing email list.
  • I’m going to launch a Facebook group for Christian Mothers in May. I keep procrastinating it, but I have written it down and therefore it must be done. If you want to be notified of when the group launches, please join my email list by using the sidebar subscription or the box at the bottom of this post.

Chaotic Life March Highlights

I’m a little sad that there’s not roundup, so I’ll still give you the traditional Chaotic Life Bonus five here:

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