Freedom from Your Burdens: A Roundup of Chaotic Life Posts

In March of 2017, we focused on a month-long freedom theme. The goal? To get rid of the burdens that hold us back. If you’re searching for freedom in your life, then this is the post for you with the complete collection of Freedom posts (plus some).

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Freedom From Your Burdens: A Roundup of Posts

  1. Eight Strategies to Help You Conquer Your To-Do List Stress – Helps improve time and life management to alleviate stress.
  2. Finding the Freedom to Serve Christ – A guest contribution from Betty Predmore and a short devotional.
  3. Finding Freedom from Fear – Do you struggle with fear? Do you know that fear is the opposite of Christian faith?
  4. Freedom in Forgiveness – Can forgiving others (and yourself!) help you find freedom? Guest contributor Sarah Geringer shares how forgiveness helped her find freedom.
  5. Do You need Freedom from Stuff? Why it Matters for Christians (and How to Achieve It!) – I’m not a minimalist, but I share some tips for reducing stuff in our lives and why it matters for Christians.
  6. How Freedom in Christ Brings Joy – A look at what freedom is and how the burdens are replaced with joy.
  7. Freedom in the Spacious Place – An excerpt from Kathy Erickson’s devotional book “In the Spacious Place.”
  8. Do You need Freedom from Bitterness? – Why Christians were never meant to hold onto bitterness.
  9. Seize the Freedom to Make Memories with Your Family Now – A post celebrating the freedom to make memories with our families. It also contatains tips for making memories.
  10. Stress Relief in the Middle of Chaos: Seven Strategies to Help You Stay Calm – We all have those days that are stressful than others. How do you find freedom to stay calm when you’re surrounded by chaos?
  11. You Have the Freedom to Do Great Things – An inspirational post encouraging YOU to do great things.
  12. Don’t Put Christians in a Box: Freedom from the Pressure that Others (even Christians) Put on You – a heartfelt devotional about avoiding pressure in our faith.
  13. Christ Traded HIS Freedom So that You Can be Free from Your Burdens – A guest contribution by Mari Jones that takes a good look at what freedom is like.
  14. What Happens When We Carry Burdens – This short devotional examines what burdens do to our lives and faith.
  15. Four Things to Remember in That Moment When You Can’t Go On – Encouragement for when you reach that moment when you feel like you can’t go on anymore.

So there you go! I hope you find something that helps you achieve freedom in this list.

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