Read the #May25 Roundup for Motherhood, Financial, Relationship, Christian Lifestyle, and MORE Advice

Read the #May25 Roundup for tips and advice! | Christian Motherhood | Christian Lifestyle | Money | Financial Help | Relationships | Marriage | Raising Kids | Raising Children

Finally, after missing last month’s roundup, it’s that time again. Whoo, it feels like it’s been a very long month. I’m so excited to have this feature back on Chaotic Life though!

What is the #May25 Roundup?

I read a lot of content each week as research, participate in different groups, and go through share threads. But what’s the good of digging through all that content if I have no way to say, “Hey! This isn’t just good. This one is GREAT!” So I do two things. First, I send out a few links to other bloggers’ work in my email newsletter. On the first of each month, I create a list with my five favorite reads in these categories:

  • Christianity/Devotions
  • Kids/Motherhood
  • Relationships
  • Money

You’ll also see a bonus section with my (meaning that I’ve either written or hosted on Chaotic Life) favorite posts from the previous month. Got it? Good! Let’s start.

But First, Announcements

Announcement #1 – The Busy Christian Moms Facebook Group

I did my absolute best to talk myself out of starting this group (again!), but I ran out of excuses. There is now an official Facebook Group “connected” to Chaotic Life. I used quotation marks because the purpose of the Busy Christian Moms group is not to focus on managing life so much as it is to help Busy Christian Moms build relationships.

While Busy Christian Moms will definitely intertwine with Chaotic Life, you can also consider it to be something completely separate that just happens to be also be operated by Lauren C. Moye.

Interested in joining? Click Here!

Announcement #2 – 31 Days of Prayer

This is the first time that my ‘freebie’ of the month has been something off-site. As part of the ‘Seasons of Motherhood’ theme, I felt led to organize 31 Days of Prayer for Moms. It’s exactly what it sounds like; a prayer guide to unite (mainly) mothers in praying for mothers.

You can join the public Facebook event by clicking here.

Announcement #3 – Upcoming Deadlines and Process Changes

I’ve already talked about this with my contributor-only mailing list, but I need to make some changes to the process so I don’t accidentally end up with more posts than I have room for. The only way to make this work (and be fair about it) is to give everybody a same chance.

From now on, I’m asking for a full rough-draft to be submitted and am setting the theme deadlines to be much earlier. This will give me a chance to sort through submissions (even during a rough month!) while still providing helpful feedback to my guest contributors.

So what themes are open?

June Theme – Building up the Father – Due 05/25/17

Note: This theme is grandfathered in from the previous system to the new system, so please don’t stress if you see this notice.

How do we support the father of our children? How do we honor our earthly father? Our heavenly Father? The theme probably sounds a little confusing. Basically, this month is all about the men in our life but I wanted to reflect “Father’s Day” in the title as well.

For this theme, I would prefer guest contributors to steer away from devotionals. Instead, give practical tips on things like:

  • Communicating with your husband
  • Helping your husband connect with your children.
  • Self-care ideas for fathers

I’m also interested in portraying unique angles like blended families or single mom families. If you can write from these perspectives, please send me something. Of course, you can also share about how your own father impacted your life.

If you are interested in writing for this theme, please do send me an email (laurencmoye(at) with your post idea. This is just so I can make sure it’s not duplicated. Posts are due 05/25/17.

August Theme – A Holy Life – Due 07/05/17

Holy. Set apart.

As Christian Moms, we’re called to live a different kind of life. This month will focus on characteristics of a Holy Life as well as how to actually live this kind of life.

Send me your best ideas for service projects (especially if children can be included in the project!), testimonies from stepping outside of your comfort zone in faith, how to speak gracefully, and so forth. The ideas for this theme are almost unlimited and you are all very brilliant writers. You’ll be fine.

If you’re interested in this theme, please send me a rough draft no later than July 5. Again, my email is laurencmoye(at)

#May25 Roundup

Read the #May25 Roundup for tips and advice! | Christian Motherhood | Christian Lifestyle | Money | Financial Help | Relationships | Marriage | Raising Kids | Raising Children


  1. 5 Reasons to Make Time for Family Dinner by Emily Lawson on Lovely Little Lives | I’ll never forget arguing over correct grammar and definitions of words with my family around the dinner time. If the idea of the memories you’ll make isn’t enough, then go see what else Emily has to say about family dinners!
  2. Special Needs and the Single Mother by Jenn Buell on | Even if I hadn’t watched a video of one of the boys I worked with back in my ABA Therapy days singing in front of an audience right before compiling this roundup, I still would have put this on the list. We need to support our Special Needs families, and even more so when they aren’t the traditional family.
  3. Encouraging Creativity Through Play by Crystal Brothers on Serving Joyfully | I’m a big fan of play, learning through play, and encouraging creativity through play. Knowing this about me, you shouldn’t be shocked to find this article (which is great!) in the #May25Roundup.
  4. Praying With Your Children by Angie on Simple Healthy Mom | I love this method of praying together as a family. It’s so simple, but will help keep things organized, too.

Top Pick

How to Teach Our Kids to Pray by Marisa Boonstra on Called to Mothering

Continuing our prayer theme (while creating a paradox with this morning’s post), I want to share this post with you. Marisa is a great writer, mother, and woman of faith. She puts a lot of thought and prayer into her posts, which is why she’s an expert to write about teaching prayer.


  1. The Bride of Christ and the Jewish Roots of Faith by Diane Ferreria on Worth Beyond Rubies | Diane has been a great source of encouragement in my blogging journey. I knew that her posts were sprinkled with a deep knowledge of the Jewish culture, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she is a Messianic Jew. If you want to learn about the Jewish roots of our faith, please go check out her newest series.
  2. Finding Courage to Face the Unknown by Nicole Kauffman on Courage Hope Love | God often wants to expand our comfort zone. Stepping out in faith during these times is scary though. How do we find the courage to face the unknown? This is a great post to help you conquer your fear!
  3. How to Be a Godly Woman in a Modern World by Jen Defrates on Heaven Not Harvard | A subject after my own heart. I think Jen shares some great advice for those of us with this desire.
  4. 5 Ideas for Sabbath Rest by Bethany on Snapdragon of the Field | Rest. It’s something almost all of us could use more of. I’ve found in the past month that I need a day (almost) free from the neverending blogging work. Bethany has shared some great ideas for doing just that!

Top Pick

Don’t Waste Your Wait by Jen Defrates on Heaven Not Harvard

Yes, Jen gets a double shout-out. Why? Because her posts that I’ve read have been so amazing that I had FOUR of them saved in a row in my Excel spreadsheet. This one is my favorite. I love reading testimonies of how God continues to work in people’s lives. I also love hearing how God brings certain people together. This post fits both categories.


  1. Nurturing Your Marriage After Baby by Rebekah Thompson on Surviving Toddlerhood |Life with a newborn can be rough on your clothes washer, but it can even be even rougher on your marriage. Rebekah has some great tips for nurturing your marriage after baby comes along.
  2. I’m Married to an Agnostic: What God Has Taught Me In the Process by Ailie Baumman on Paper Pen Paint | Even when you marry a Christian man, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have the ideal Christian marriage. It’s part of living in a sinful world. That’s why I’m so glad that my friend Ailie shared her testimony through her marriage. If you can relate to the title of this post, please go read and share.
  3. Can You Have a Dream Come True Marriage by Natalie Venegas on From This Day Forward | Natalie and Madison are both great women Christian bloggers, so I’m thrilled to see that they did a collaboration.
  4. 8 Strategies to Not Let Housework Ruin Your Marriage by Anne Markey on One Determined Life | Can housework ruin a marriage? Yes, yes it can. From different expectations of the “ideal housework marriage” to one person being too invested in housework, there are many ways that housework can ruin a marriage. Anne has some great advice for the all of us!

Top Pick

5 Things Your Husband Needs to Hear Every Day by Sarah Liberty on Liberty Grace Love

I adore this list that Sarah put together. My favorite advice from it? Tell your husband that you like him. This is something that my husband started telling me sometime after Hailey joined our family. It’s powerful to know that, after all this time and pregnancy, he still likes who I am.



  1. 6 Secrets to Family Savings for Young Couples by Hannah Tong on Blonde Roast for the Coast | For my readers who are still at the start of their financial journey.
  2. 5 Tips to Finally Quit Arguing and to Talk to Your Spouse About Money by Heather on Blissful Intent
  3. Ten Tips to Break Up with Emotional Spending by Erin on No Drama Mama | I’ll be honest. I have moments of emotional spending, usually prompted by knowing that I don’t need to spend my budget on cute baby outfits. I love Erin’s sense of humor in this post as well!
  4. How to Budget with a Fluctuating Income by Chrysti on Margin Making Mom | As I’m finally taking steps towards monetizing my blog with preparations for my first e-course, this is a subject near and dear to my heart. I’m so glad that I stumbled across it!

Top Pick

How to Give Thoughtful Gifts on a Budget by Laura on Homemaking for His Glory

Let’s be honest. Most of us live on a tight budget that can make the traditional gift giving holidays stressful. Laura has some great advice for us, though!


  1. 25 Kitchen Cleaning and Organization Tips by Margo on Joyful Homemaking | I’ve spent a lot of time studying kitchen organization hacks since I live in an apartment where my pots and pans don’t easily fit into any cabinet space. Margo has some tips on there that I haven’t even thought about.
  2. How to Attack Clutter and Effectively Organize Your Life by Hannah on Lovely Little Lives | Because we’re apparently on an organization theme right now. Who am I kidding? Unless you live in an HGTV magazine, we could all use some more advice!
  3. 6 Meal Planning Methods for Busy Homemakers by Laura on Homemaking for His Glory | I plan my meals. But, just like story outlines, I end up ditching the meal plan halfway through. Laura shares some great advice for how we can meal plan even when life is chaotic.
  4. Dairyfree Bulletproof Pumpkin Spice Latte by Rebekah Thompson on Surviving Toddlerhood | It’s the wrong seasons, but coffee recipes are still fun (plus I’ve already given you a bunch of reading to do in this post!)

Top Pick

Visiting Disability: What It’s Like to Be Disabled by Jen Defrates on Heaven Not Harvard

So Jen snuck into this roundup one more time. It’s because we need to learn how to empathize with each other and to understand each other if we want to truly support each other. When I saw that Jen opened up about what it’s like to be disabled, I knew it would be my top pick for this category (and that was like weeks ago!)

The Chaotic Life Bonus Five

If I had to pick five articles that are connected to Chaotic Life for you to read, it would be these five. Please share one of them with your friends!

  1. 7 Thoughts (Grounded in Scripture) About Responding to a Fool (Top May Post)
  2. 7 Ways to Find Balance as a Work-at-Home Mom by Sarah Geringer (Top Guest Contribution)
  3. Why Christians Shouldn’t Strive for a Balanced Life (My Favorite May Post)
  4. The True Key to Finding Balance by Rebekah Hargraves
  5. In the Belly of the Whale: When God Doesn’t Immediately Answer (Throwback)

Please share with your friends!

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