5 Things the Busy Christian Mom Needs to Know

I finally deviated from my Monday devotional, Thursday informational or inspirational schedule. Why? Because I had five things to say that I think the Busy Christian Mom needs to know.5 Things that Busy Christian Moms Need to Know. | Christian Motherhood | Christian Lifestyle | Open Letter | Biblical Womanhood | Raising Kids | Raising Children | Ministry | Faith

5 Things the Busy Christian Mom Needs to Know

Dear Busy Christian Mom,

As I’m writing this, I have fourteen hours until a devotional is supposed to go live on Chaotic Life. I’m excited about the devotional because I get to examine a time in Elijah’s life as well as to finally dedicate an entire post to discuss waiting periods in our relationship with God. It’s going to be a great devotional…

…except that’s not where my heart is right now. What can I say? I’ve never been one to stick to a plot outline while writing, so it’s shocking I’ve made it so many months without deviating from the list of planned posts.

So here we go.

#1 – You Can Grow in Your Faith

I’ll be honest, I never expected to take to this whole “let me become a leader for other Christian Moms” business. It’s very rare that I get along with my peer group. It’s also rare that this whole blogging gig becomes the most important thing that I write for each week.

Yet here I am, trying to faithfully write content that can encourage and inspire you to manage your life better so there’s time for more important things. I spend so many hours each week writing, editing, and promoting content to help others that I pretty much have an unpaid part-time job. The whole time, these words echo into my mind: “Pour your heart into the ones that you’re reaching.”

That one sentence is my inspiration each and every time I feel like I have no more words left to say. Why?

Because I believe that you can grow in your faith.

And by grow, I mean I picture a group of women whose faces are glowing from the Holy Spirit dwelling inside them. I see a gathering of Busy Christian Moms who are passionate about following God and are passionate about helping others. I see a group of women asking, “Lord, what is your will for my life? Here I am; send me.”

I have to believe that you can be part of that group of women. Why? Because I know that little voice telling me to pour my heart out isn’t my own. I know that it’s God speaking through the Holy Spirit. And since that is God’s voice, I know I need to push through my doubts and write the topics that weigh on my mind.

God has a purpose for this blog, and I know part of that purpose is helping others deepen their relationship with God.

#2 – You Have an Important Ministry

I’m not talking about just your children (although training them up in the Lord is very important). You see, the season of motherhood that is monopolized by caring for children is temporary. Your faith and relationship with God go past that point.

Even if it’s not right now, you have an important ministry on this Earth.

I’m not going to waste time debating if you’re the only one who can step up into that ministry. Rather, I would urge you to live your life with an urgency like you are the only one who can accomplish the ministry that God has in mind for you.

I know that God has a plan to use your life. I know this because you are reading this post right now. We just established part of Chaotic Life’s purpose in the last section. Why else would God be prompting you to have a closer relationship with Him, to reach that point where you’re living with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind to bring glory to His name?

#3 – Prepare for It

Right now I’m running the 31 Days of Prayer for Moms event on Facebook. When I was trying to figure out what to put in each day slot, my mind was drawn to two passages in the Bible: the Fruits of the Spirit and the Armor of God. The very last day is a call to pray for the Moms who need spiritual revitalization.

This was no accident. We are at war when it comes to saving the lives of others, and we need to embody the traits of these two passages in our life. We can only gain these traits by studying the Bible, by praying, by asking, seeking, and knocking.

Right now, many of you are probably thinking, “But how do I know what this ministry is?” Please, send me an email (laurencmoye(at)chaoticlifeoflauren.com) if you need somebody to pray for you or to speak with you. You can also read my How Do We Learn God’s Voice? series for a starting point.

For those of you have an idea, please don’t squish it down. In fact…

#4 – Dream Big

What do I mean by dream big? Wouldn’t it be great if we could gather half of our neighborhoods into our home for a monthly Bible Study? Or if we could all start ministries to feed and clothe the poor? What about if we could all start a weekly night of prayer and actually have others show up?

This is what I mean by dreaming big. I think most of us try to take baby steps and then accidentally stumble into something big. I’m not knocking that method. God most definitely has used it.

However, we weren’t called to have a spirit of fear. So if I’m looking for tiny steps to take because I’m too scared that I’ll fall flat on my faith if I attempt something big, then what does that say about my faith?

I dream big (most of the time literally). Then I look for the tiny small steps that will lead that big dream to reality. And you know what? That’s a really exciting way to work out my faith. It’s amazing to watch how God rewards my faith, even when it’s often not in the ways that I expect.

And that’s the key. The trick when pursuing greatness is to not get hung up on a human view of success. Sometimes God does use the grand attempts to achieve something very small.

A Personal Story About Success in God’s Eyes

When I was in high-school, I participated in a summer mission internship for students in my local area. For the final week we were tasked with organizing an outreach event. Unanimously, we all felt that we needed to put together a youth rally. We worked hard organizing the event, sent out text messages to every teenager we knew, and prayed over the respective messages that we would share.

The rally went great, except for a lack of response from those who attended. There was no sweeping display of revival, no rededication of lives, and no salvations. We planned the rally in faith but reaped no reward.

That’s what we thought for over a year. Until one day a young man stood up at a different event and shared his testimony. You see, he had planned to take his own life one night. Ignorant of this fact, his siblings talked him into going to a youth rally on the very night he intended to commit suicide. Our youth rally.

It wasn’t anything we said at the rally. Instead, it was one simple video that we played that God used to speak to this young man’s life. However, it took all of our effort and faithfulness in pursuing our big dream for God to orchestrate that one divine appointment.

While I don’t know exactly how God has used this man in the years since – or how He will in the future – I have no doubt that God has used him to reach even more lives.

#5 – You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

Back in January, I wrote a post asking, “Why Are Christian Moms So Lonely?” I want to touch on that again really quick as an update.

I am even more convinced now that the lonely feeling that many Christian moms experience is a form of Spiritual attack. We don’t have to isolate our motherhood from being the friend, and we don’t have to isolate our faith from being a Mommy friend. For women who listen to kiddie shows that constantly preach, “They aren’t a true friend if they don’t accept you for who you are,” we sure need to internalize that message.

We can find friends who are Christians and mothers. In fact, you can even join my Busy Christian Moms Facebook Group if you’re struggling to make friends off-screen. It’s a start if nothing else.

And of course, there’s the obligatory Sunday School lesson that you don’t have to do it alone because you have a God who is always with you.

Concluding Thoughts

So there we have it, the five things on my mind that prevented me from writing the planned devotional. Eh, I’ll get to it eventually.

In Christ,

Lauren C. Moye

5 Things that Busy Christian Moms Need to Know. | Christian Motherhood | Christian Lifestyle | Open Letter | Biblical Womanhood | Raising Kids | Raising Children | Ministry | Faith

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    I love the part about dreaming big and how God uses our small baby steps and little plans to make something exciting happen!


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