How Do We Empower Mothers to Serve Others?

How do you empower mothers to serve others?

As part of the “hidden world” of blogging, there is this fun game that almost all beginner bloggers play where they join a bunch of Facebook groups in the hopes of finding affiliate opportunities, contributor opportunities, and an expert that they can glean advice from. I’m no different than other bloggers.

It was a contributor opportunity that popped up that sparked the question in my mind. As usual, one question turned into another. What stops mothers from serving others?

And immediately, I knew what my own answer to the question: my toddler stops me from serving others.

I’ve written two articles for Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman, both an online blog and a magazine, on the subject. I’m linking to them very shortly. First, I wanted to give you a few more details about my own life.

Empowering Mothers to Serve Others

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My Background

I realized that, if anybody could be qualified to address this problem, it would be me. This is quite ironic since I’ve already admitted that I fall prey to the question. So let me share a little bit about my background in bulletproof form:

  • I was born a Pastor’s Kid
  • My parents started homeschooling me at the start of my second grade year
  • At the time, Mom served as Dad’s secretary
  • This means I spent lots of time at the church
  • That wasn’t good enough for my parents, who also made sure I attended various levels of meetings in the Southern Baptist Convention hierarchy*
  • At some point my family became church planters
  • My Dad became an Associational Missionary** when I was a teenager
  • I thought I was out of ministry when I married a young man who wanted to be a lawyer (thank you, God!)
  • Buuut then he was called to youth ministry shortly after we were married (God, why didn’t you give me a warning?)

And that is how I’ve ended up seeing so many different forms of ministry from so many different angles. I’ve seen ministry done well and ministry done poorly. I’ve also seen ministry that should have failed but instead thrived because the people involved acted out of faith. And, of course, the opposite has also happened.

*Because Mom reads my blog, I don’t want to give anybody the wrong impression. I honestly didn’t mind the meetings and even demanded that my college president let me ride with him and his wife to a meeting that they were speaking at.

**For those not familiar with the SBC, it means he’s there to support churches on a regional level.

The Articles

So, drawing heavily from my own experiences as a child and a young mother in ministry, I put together two articles to help empower mothers to serve. It is my hope that these articles will inspire you and spark some ideas of things that you can do with your own family.

Is There a Place in Ministry for Children?

This article walks through some misplaced fears, provides some suggestions, and also shares the benefits that happen when you allow children to minister alongside you. I can honestly say that my faith would not be what it was without the time spent serving others alongside my family.


It was late at night – or at least my impression of late as a child – when Dad pointed out the last little bit of spackling that needed to be done on the walls. We were remodeling an old storage building into a dining hall for the church that Dad pastored. Only these last few holes separated us from going home.

Except there was also a whole junk pile on the floor underneath this section. Dad looked around. “I know what we can do. Lauren, come here.”

He showed me how to use the putty knife to force a dab of spackling into the hole. Then, he taught me how to wipe it smooth with a paper towel. Then he braced a piece of lumber over top of the skeleton of an old shelving unit. As he hoisted me on top of this, he explained, “You’re the only one light enough to stand on this.”

It was a turning point in my career as pastor’s daughter. While most people probably don’t think of construction sites when they try to think of ways that children can serve others, that volunteer mission site was the first time I remember helping in some form of ministry.

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Creative Ways to Serve Others Alongside Children

This is exactly what it sounds like. I didn’t want to just leave Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman readers without a practical list of things they could take action on. However, I didn’t have room in the original article so I just created a new one.


You know what children are really good for? Their energy. Put it to good use by letting them lead the way around your neighborhood (or, for the rural folks, a neighborhood that you select.) To have a successful food drive, you need to:

  • Know where the donations will go

  • Design and print out fliers that include the time that you’ll come back through the neighborhood.

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In Conclusion

I really enjoyed digging into this theme and hope to write more on the subject in the future. Please leave a comment that tells me:

  • What stops you from serving others
  • How have you involved your children in ministry

Thanks so much for reading!

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