Motherhood: Life’s Changing Seasons and Cycles

If you’ve been a mother for any amount of time, you’ve probably realized that the seasons of motherhood fluctuate quickly and often without any warning. Some of these seasons are more challenging than others depending on your personality. And, of course, learning about life as a mother itself has a learning curve. Bethany from Snapdragon of the Field has written a great post on the subject.

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Motherhood: Life’s Changing Seasons and Cycles


Being a woman and a mother forces me to come to terms with the ever-changing seasons and constantly turning cycles of “normal” life.

When my first child was born, my mom said to me, “Remember—babies change so fast. If it starts to get overwhelming and you can’t imagine doing this indefinitely, just wait two weeks and, most likely, you and your baby will be in a new phase.”

Now, that’s true and it’s not. My second daughter didn’t sleep well as an infant and she didn’t sleep well for 18 months. I get that there certainly are phases that last waaaaay longer than two weeks.

But the mindset and the attitude of those words really helped me transition into life as a mother. Some things change predictably, while others are more erratic, but nonetheless, every stage of life is temporary and transitory.

Motherhood Removes the Illusion of Life’s Stability.

As a young adult, it’s easy to buy into the illusion that life marches on fairly predictably at a steady, even pace. Maybe you gain or lose a few pounds, maybe you have happy or sad times, but you start to think that life should be consistent and that, if it isn’t, the problem lies with you to resolve.

You need to rein in the stray anomalies of life to ensure it’s full compliance. If you try hard enough, you can work out the problems perfectly and have a firm grip of control on your life.

Having children blasts that illusion to bits.

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Bethany is a wife and mom who is currently staying at home with her two little girls. In the midst of cooking, cleaning, and caring for my family, though, her main goal remains keeping Jesus Christ and His Kingdom first. Each day she’s learning how to hear His voice in the chaos, do the work He sets before her, and to allow Him to shape her into the person He created her to be. You can read more of her work on her blog, Snapdragon of the Field.

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