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Read the #June25 roundup for some great posts! | Christian Motherhood | Raising Kids | Raising Children | Faith | God | Christianity | Biblical Womanhood | Money Saving Tips | Marriage | Relationships

It’s #25 roundup time again. Yay! Please browse through the #June25 Roundup for some great reads. Make sure to share your favorites to help these great writers.

What is the #June25 Roundup?

I read a lot of content each week as research, participate in different groups, and go through share threads. But what’s the good of digging through all that content if I have no way to say, “Hey! This isn’t just good. This one is GREAT!” So I do two things. First, I send out a few links to other bloggers’ work in my email newsletter. On the first of each month, I create a list with my five favorite reads in these categories:

  • Christianity/Devotions
  • Kids/Motherhood
  • Relationships
  • Money

You’ll also see a bonus section with my (meaning that I’ve either written or hosted on Chaotic Life) favorite posts from the previous month. Got it? Good! Let’s start.

But First, Announcements

Announcement #1 – The Busy Christian Moms Facebook Group

“Wait – wasn’t this available last month?”

Yes, it was. However, I kept it an open group for the first month for visibility reasons. Think of it as a pre-launch phase. Now that we’re entering into June, the group is now closed and the real fun begins. So what happens now?

Short devotional thoughts, prayer/praises, weekly threads designed to build community, and lots of connection building.

Interested in joining? Click Here!

Announcement #2 – Upcoming Guest Contribution Deadlines

August Theme – A Holy Life – Due 07/05/17

Holy. Set apart.

As Christian Moms, we’re called to live a different kind of life. This month will focus on characteristics of a Holy Life as well as how to actually live this kind of life.

Send me your best ideas for service projects (especially if children can be included in the project!), testimonies from stepping outside of your comfort zone in faith, how to speak gracefully, and so forth. The ideas for this theme are almost unlimited and you are all very brilliant writers. You’ll be fine.

If you’re interested in this theme, please send me a rough draft no later than July 5. Again, my email is laurencmoye(at)

September Theme – Cooking Up Faith – Due 08/05/17

Are you a great cook? If your life was a meal, is faith the entree, the side dish, or that little salad that nobody touches? Join us this month for a food (and faith!) themed month.

Send me your best kitchen tips, meal planning tips, and time-saving tips to help Busy Christian Moms manage life. Or you can write a food-based devotional (bonus points for object lessons!).

If you’re interested in this theme, please send me a rough draft no later than August 5. My email is laurencmoye(at)

Announcement #3 – Affiliates Wanted

Okay, so I debated skipping this but decided that would be a stupid decision considering the amount of random traffic I get from my roundup posts. I’m searching for people interested in an Christian Motherhood affiliate program. If that sounds like you, please email me at laurencmoye(at) for more information.

Read the #June25 roundup for some great posts! | Christian Motherhood | Raising Kids | Raising Children | Faith | God | Christianity | Biblical Womanhood | Money Saving Tips | Marriage | Relationships

#June25 Roundup


  1. If Pain is What it Takes… by Misty Phillip on | Short, sweet, simple. That’s how I would describe this post if I only had three words. Since I’m not limited to three words, I’ll go ahead and add that this post talks about a mother’s desire to protect her children from pain while discussing how pain pushes us closer to God.
  2. 5 Tips for the Introverted Mom by Leah Webber on Scenes from Cedar Street | I’m an introvert. I need all the tips I can get! Who’s with me?
  3. The Importance of Letting Your Child Develop Interests Organically by Nicole on J Three and Me | This is a great post on letting your child follow their own interests.
  4. 6 At Home Family Fun Night Ideas by Ayanna on 21 Flavors of Splendor |Need some family fun night ideas? Ayanna has got you covered. Because I’ve already given you a lot of heavy reading in this category, I wanted to share something a little bit lighter.

Top Pick

He Will Fall by Chantelle Wayne on Happy Healthy Holy Home

Wow. That sums up my reaction to this post. This is a very sweet reflection on a child’s growing independence and, again, a mother’s desire to stop the pain.


  1. How More is Robbing us from Now by Gretchen Fleming on | A great piece that deals with contentment and a desire for more. I love how Gretchen discusses it in her post.
  2. How to Replace Fear with Faith by Tayrina Gonzalez on His Purpose in Me | I’ve said before that Christians were not called to a life of fear. Tayrina has some great tips on how to replace your fear with faith though, so this is definitely worth reading if you’ve been struggling with a life under fear.
  3. Finally Understanding the Great Commission by Lois Pearson on Sunnyside Woman | This is a great explanation of what the Great Commission is and why we shouldn’t have excuses about following it. That includes the gift of “not being gifted.”
  4. Cultivating a Heart of Prayer by Nicole Kauffman on Courage Hope Love | Nicole puts into such eloquent words the very things I’ve been struggling to write for my upcoming e-course. What is the purpose of prayer? How do we cultivate a heart of prayer? If you’re struggling with your prayer life, this one is definitely for you.

Top Pick

The Allure of Candlelight by Bonnie on Field of Fireflies

Have you ever read an analogy so simple and effective that it blows your mind? This is exactly what Bonnie’s post does for me. I don’t want to ruin it, but it dwells on a very key cultural difference between Jesus’s time period and ours. This is definitely worth reading.


  1. 10 Ways to Keep the Fun in Marriage by Shannon on Flourishing Today | Shannon shares a fun story from her recent life about life as a married couple that makes this post worth reading alone. At the bottom, you’ll find her 10 ways to keep the fun in marriage.
  2. Your Marriages Teaches Your Children More than You Think by Ayanna on 21 Flavors of Splendor | Can your marriage teach your children faith lessons? Absolutely. Click to read more.
  3. How to Deal with Past Hurts and Resentment in Marriage by Sheila Qualls on Mama of Three Boys | While the name is new, the website should not be. Mama of Three Boys guest contributor Sheila Qualls shares some advice on dealing with the resentment that damages your marriage.
  4. Ten Ways to Have a More Passionate Relationship by Madison Weaver on From This Day Forward | Madison continues to share some great advice on building a strong and passionate relationship.

Top Pick

Your Husband is Not Your Enemy by Rebekah Hargraves on Young-Wives Club

Even when I’m not seeking out posts from Rebekah to share, I still find them. This one isn’t even from her own website! In this post, Rebekah shares some great thoughts about Spiritual Warfare and how it can affect our marriages. If I haven’t converted you into a Hargraves fan yet, let’s see if this one convinces you to join the club.



Okay, so I have absolutely no budget posts presaved for this roundup. While I’m going to fill the slots from Pinterest, it takes a lot of work. This is the second time that this has happened as well. So let’s take a poll: should I drop the money category? What would I replace it with?

  1. 50 Ways to Live Better on Less by Diane on Smart Money Simple Life | Looking for a few extra ideas to cut some money from your budget? Check out this list.
  2. Honoring God with a Spending Freeze by Krystal on Little Light on a Hill | It’s been a few months, so I thought I would take the chance to share that Keri and Krystal are still around. They write on a huge variety of topics, but they have some great financial posts if you’re looking for a Christian perspective. Go read this, then check out their blog.
  3. Easy Discount Shopping Tips that Save Money by Kathy Macaraeg on A SoCal Mom | If you struggle to save money on namebrand items, this is the post for you.
  4. 15 Money Saving Tips for Families with Young Children by Kristina on Planes and Balloons | It’s not really about saving money on having young children, but this post still has some great tips for saving money overall.

Top Pick

7 Ways that God Works Through Finances by Joe on Seed Time

I don’t feature very many posts that intertwine faith through money because I have to actively seek them out. That’s why when I found this post, I wanted to make sure it was a top pick. How does God work through finances? Read Joe’s post to find out more.


  1. Spring/Summer Bucket List by Neely on It Starts With Coffee | This is a fun list of things to do both by yourself or alongside your family. If you need some ideas of fun things to do, start here.
  2. Banana Nut Muffin Overnight Oats by Maria Doss at Kitchen at Hoskins | I have my own recipe for banana overnight oats, but this one sounds delicious. Plus, I can link to it instead of having to write out my own recipe.
  3. Ten Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life by Unknown on Thoughts Above | Because simpler is better.
  4. 3 Things that Are Stressing You Out that Shouldn’t Be (and How to Fix Them) by Payton Foeller on a Hopeful Happenstance | Payton’s whole point is that you shouldn’t let things that you CAN change stress you out. Her list is made to be super easy to browse through for what applies to you.

Top Pick

Conquering Fears and Discovering My True Identity: Finding Freedom from the Effects of Bullying by Crystal Bemis on Pennies and Playdough

Crystal, if you remember, once wrote a guest contribution for me about helping your children deal with bullying and peer rejection. That post has since moved back to her website. In this recent post, Crystal shares her own testimony of how childhood bullying impacted her adult life. If you’re still burdened by your own experience of being bullied, this is a must read.

The Chaotic Life Bonus Five

If I had to pick five articles that are connected to Chaotic Life for you to read, it would be these five. Please share one of them with your friends!

  1. For the Mom With Angel Children by Alycia De Lucio (Top May Post)
  2. Motherhood Season of Spiritual Growth (Second Top May Post)
  3. Cultivating Creativity Through the Seasons of Motherhood by Rebekah Hargraves (My Favorite Guest Contribution)
  4. Defeating Mom Guilt by Rethinking the Definition of Failure (My favorite)
  5. I Love You Mommy (Throwback)

Please share with your friends!

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  1. Bonnie @Field of Fireflies

    Thank you so much for including my post in your roundup! I was so encouraged to hear how much it impacted you. It couldn’t have come at a better time since I’ve had an interruption in my normal posting and was feeling discouraged, thanks 🙂


  2. Crystal @ Pennies & Playdough

    I’m thankful for you, and for including my testimony in your round-up! Your encouragement after my peer rejection guest post helped push me to share my testimony. Thank you for helping to get my story in front of more people. I hope it will be an encouragement to others who have struggled with bullying to see themselves through God’s eyes!


    1. Lauren C. Moye

      Crystal, thank you for writing your testimony. I am more than happy to help share your story (and other future content). Thank you for being a source of encouragement in my life.


  3. Rebekah Hargraves, hhomeandhearth

    Oh my goodness, Lauren!! <3 You are the sweetest! I'm so encouraged to know you enjoyed that article. What a blessing! And, wow – what amazing content you shared in this post! I'm looking forward to checking out the other articles here!!


    1. Lauren C. Moye

      Rebekah, thank you so much for being an encouragement in my own life. Have fun reading the content I gathered up for this month.


  4. Hannah Bowers

    Thank you so much for linking back to Rebekah’s post on our site! We are so blessed to have Rebekah as part of our writing team. She brings such great wisdom to the table!!


    1. Lauren C. Moye

      Hannah, you are so welcome! Thank you for visiting and for leaving a comment.


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