What You Need to Know to Hear God’s Voice in Your Life: A Chaotic Life Roundup

Some of my most popular posts to date have been in my blogging series surrounding God’s voice. Now, I’ve finally made it easier for people to browse through what they need. Here’s what you need to know to hear God’s voice in your life!

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What You Need to Know About Hearing God’s Voice

Series 1: How Does God Speak to Us?

  1. How Does God Speak to Us Through the Holy Spirit – We know that God gave us the Holy Spirit for a reason, but how exactly does the Holy Spirit work in our lives? How does God use the Holy Spirit to speak to us?
  2. How Does God Speak to Us Through Others – What about other people? How do we know when they’re speaking from God?
  3. How Does God Speak to Us Directly – Does God still speak to us today? How do we know?
  4. How Does God Speak to Us Through Circumstances – Can we discern God’s will for our lives through the circumstances that we face? Do we have Biblical examples of this?

Series 2: How Do We Learn God’s Voice?

  1. Part One: Listening – How do we listen to God’s voice? What do we need to know about God’s voice?
  2. Part Two: God’s Desire to Speak to Us – Does God want to speak to us?
  3. Part Three: What Does God’s Voice Sound Like? – A compilation of Scriptures that talk about the sound of God’s voice. Also includes a really cool graphic.
  4. Part Four: Why We Need to Learn the Bible – Why we need to do more than just read the Bible.
  5. Part Five: A Willingness to Respond – What role does our attitude have when it comes to learning God’s voice? Apparently, quite a bit.


  1. How Do We Move Forward When We Doubt God’s Guidance? – This is a discussion of the types of doubts we may face when we feel like God told us to do something. It includes Biblical examples of how to keep moving forward even in the face of these doubts.

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