Living in Light of the Gospel

In our final guest post for the them of holiness, I’m pleased to re-introduce you to Heather Hart. Heather is a great writer and Christian, so please enjoy her guest contribution.

How do we live in light of the Gospel? Heather Hart shares how. | Devotional | Christian Women | Biblical Womanhood | Faith | The Gospel

Living in the Light of the Gospel

by Heather Hart

If you’re anything like me, when you read the words, “Living In Light of the Gospel” you think about sharing your faith. You think about all the lost people of the world who need to know Jesus, but I’m coming to find that it means so much more than that. Yes, sharing our faith is part of it, but it’s not the whole.

Years ago, I was introduced to the idea that the gospel wasn’t just for the unsaved… it wasn’t a onetime thing, but an everyday thing. That realization was life changing. The love and forgiveness of Christ isn’t something that we ever stop needing.

Tethered to Jesus

When I think about living a holy life, the gospel is where I start. It’s there for when I fail. It’s there for when I’m feeling down.

Jesus is our anchor, but the gospel is what tethers us together. It’s the chain that secures us.

The gospel is what takes Jesus from being just another religious figure, someone from history, and connects Him to our lives today.

How do we live in light of the Gospel? Heather Hart shares how. | Devotional | Christian Women | Biblical Womanhood | Faith | The Gospel | Christian Quote

Jesus isn’t just someone who lived and died, He lived and died for us. He rose again, ascended into heaven for us. He sent His Spirit to live in the hearts of all who believe in Him with the promise of life everlasting in the presence of God – and that’s us.

And it changes everything.

The Everyday-Gospel

I didn’t get enough done today… but at just the right time Jesus died for me, I can trust that His timing is perfect.

I really messed that up… but because of Christ I am forgiven.

I feel lonely and unloved… but I know Jesus loves me more than I can imagine (enough to live and die for me) and He is always with me.

My son was born with cancer… but God can work all things together for His good. He watched His Son die on the Cross, and He can give me the strength to get through this (and He did).

My husband left me for another woman… but the church is the bride of Christ, and He will never leave me.

Life is hard… but Jesus conquered the grave and we have eternal life through Him.

What I did was wrong… but Jesus came and died because He knew I was a sinner in need of a Savior.

I failed to spend time with Jesus… but when I was a sinner, He still chose to die for me and though I forsake Him, He can never forsake Himself.  Nothing I could ever do (or fail to do) could ever separate me from His love.

Because of the Gospel

That’s the power of the gospel. It can speak into any situation I face on any given day. It’s what I can fall back on when my world is closing in. Jesus is unchanging, and His love for me (and for you) seeped into the cross where He was hung. It was sealed in the tomb where He was laid. It is written in history and is bound in eternity.

That’s the promise of the gospel. It saved me when I believed it, but it continues to save me every day. It gives me hope and reminds me of my worth.

The gospel takes Jesus’ perfection, His righteousness, and covers me with it. While I could never hope to be holy on my own, because of the gospel I am holy and precious in God’s sight.

And that’s a truth I can cling to no matter what life throws my way.

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4 thoughts on “Living in Light of the Gospel

  1. nevayinger

    I think sometimes its easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of activities and work and education and these faith “tasks” that we set for ourselves that we don’t just let the gospel wash over us and reassure us the way it did when we were first saved.


    1. Heather Hart

      You are so right! We get so busy living, that we forget the One who gave us life.


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  3. Heather Hart

    Thanks for hosting me on your blog, Lauren.This is a reminder I still need each and every day.


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