Dreamcatcher Boho Bullet Journal Collection

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Do you bullet journal? I do. I’ve always resisted using a planner. They’re overwhelming to me, and often not arranged the way that I want. When I started reading more posts from those already in the BUJO culture, I suddenly realized that it was a great system to organize my random scribbles in different notebooks. I started mine last year and – after a six month learning curve – I’ve finally gotten the hang of using it for everything except shopping lists.

So as I plan for my 2018 BUJO, I thought I would have a little fun by putting together some pre-made bullet journal collections.

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Please note that this post does not cover the basics of bullet journaling. There are many wonderful blogs dedicated to this topic. I strongly urge you to find one of those to follow.

Dreamcatcher Boho Bullet Journal Collection

I started off trying to make this a general collection of boho-themed items, but I ended up drooling over the dreamcatcher stuff instead. Dreamcatchers always catch my eye because I have a tragic heroine who uses dreamcatchers as a symbol of hope on her own journey. The story itself is unwritten, but she often shows up in the background of my other writings.

Below you’ll see the full dreamcatcher collection. Not into dreamcatchers? Then look through the full list of objects on this page.

The Journals

The great thing about Bullet Journals is that you can turn any ordinary notebook into one. However, I’m willing to bet that the same people who are drawn to bullet journals are the ones who also enjoy any excuse to buy a notebook. The Leuchtturm1917 is the standard BUJO, but it’s not the only option:

  • The Leuchtturm1917 Dotted in white will probably be my next BuJo regardless of the theme. I love how the dots make it easy to freehand a page layout (no stencils needed) and the white cover will allow any colored decal to pop on the front.
  • However, there is always the lined Leuchtturm1917 if you want to keep a traditional journal component or if you’re just worried about the dots driving you crazy.
  • Not sure that you’re a Leuchtturm fan? The Lemome Journal looks to be a great contender. It also has the added bonus of a built in pen loop. If I wasn’t interested in making a themed pen loop for for my 2018 BUJO, the Lemome would be my pick.
  • Last but not least, there’s also the classic Classic Moleskine to choose from.

Decorative Decals

Some people will drop a pretty penny on a cover for their BUJO. It makes sense that you don’t want anything to mess up the book that keeps your entire life organized. If you’re one of those people, you’re better off looking on Etsy.com. However, if you’re just looking for something to help you correctly identify your BUJO’s front from the back to brighten up your journal, then a decal is a great frugal option. Here’s what Amazon has to offer for the Boho theme:

  • Are you a dreamer? This dreamer dreamcatcher decal would be a great decal option for you then. Just be aware that this decal will only fit on the longest side of your BUJO and that there are only a few color options.
  • I’m in love with this colorful dreamcatcher decal! It’s actually a little too big for the BUJO cover, but I think it would look great wrapped around the edge anyways.
  • This boho Native American fox – while not my first choice when I think “boho” – has some great personality.
  • Last but not least, this bull skull mandala decal shows off the elegant side of boho decorations that gets lost with all the tribal stuff that shows up instead.

Stickers/Washi Tape

Stickers and washi tape are what both the planner-obsessed and BUJO crowd turn to for easy decorations. After all, what sense is there in putting all that information in one place if you have no way to quickly process the pages? Stickers, washi tape, stencils, and doodled decorations can all assist with this.

  • These boho stick tab dividers are a must for a BUJO in this theme. Even if you perfectly keep up your table of contents, you still will have moments when you need to quickly flip to an important page. Keep some flags on hand for exactly this purpose.
  • Do you love the gold look? These gold and black arrow stickers are a must then! They would give an elegant touch to any journal.
  • If you’re looking for more color, than these Violette pastel stickers are also a great option in the feather category.
  • This boho life sticker collection could easily also function as cover decoration.
  • Love animals? The Homeford boho sticker assortment has a cute selection between owls, butterflies, birds, and cats.
  • If you’re looking for feathers, dreamcatchers, and arrows, this is the sticker set you are look for!
  • The colors in the boho washi tape set are beautiful. I love the feathered version in the set, and the other option reminds me of the tribal craze a few years back that I still love.
  • Of course, we all know that this dreamcatcher washi tape is my favorite in the tape option!


Here are some other themed accessories for you to look at:

  • This decorative stencil set has pretty much everything I could ask for in terms of a boho-themed stencil set, including the dreamcatcher! If you are particularly artsy, then you could even use this to paint the front of your bujo!
  • Of course, in lieu of a good pen loop, a great pencil/pen bag is a requirement. I recommend dreamcatcher pencil bag for this theme.

Non-Themed Accessories

Themes are great and can make you look really well put together. They are also not always the most practical for making your BUJO adventure both fun and easy. That’s why I really recommend the following items:

Looking to bullet journal? Check out this boho bujo accessory collection! | Dreamcatchers | Bullet Journaling | BUJO | Bullet Journal Themes | Bujo Themes | #BuJo #BulletJournal #Planner #Dreamcatcher #Boho

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