“I know I need to read my Bible and pray more, but it’s just so hard to remember to do those things. And what do I do after that? How do I keep growing my faith?”

It’s never fun when we feel like we’re STUCK.

It’s even less fun when we feel like we’re stuck in our faith. Doubts and insecurities set in, temptations become harder to resist, and it’s easy to point our fingers at God like He is the one who needs to do something about it all.

Do ever listen to other Christians share their testimonies and you wonder, “How did they do it?”

If only there was a resource that let you see exactly how other Christians found spiritual growth while letting you build stronger faith habits.

Oh wait! There is a resource like that!

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Lauren C. Moye has examined her own life – as well as the testimonies she’s heard from other Christians – to identify the practices that led into a season of spiritual growth. She then compiled those practices into fifty-one actionable challenges to help other Christians to continue growing in their faith.

Working through the practices in this book will help readers transform their faith by giving the Holy Spirit opportunities to move, build stronger habits, and to draw closer to the Lord.

Why You Need This Book

It’s a One-Time Investment that Can Age With You Through Life

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new Christian, an older Christian, a teenager, a mom, or a single adult. This is a resource designed to help foster Spiritual Life in your life. How is this possible?

51 Faith Challenges to Foster Spiritual Growth gives you:

  • repeatable challenges
  • provides variations on many of the challenges
  • a two-tier system of organization to help you quickly find what you need, when you need it (more on that later!)

With fifty-one challenges, not including variations, there’s something for everybody in this book. You will find challenges designed to help you build habits in your spiritual discipline, challenges to help you reflect on areas of your life that are not aligned with the Bible, and challenges to help you step outside of your comfort zones.

Christians who are inexperienced in their faith can use this as a discipleship resource. Mature Christians will enjoy the encouragement to try new things while being reminded to be intentional about prayer and worship. Ministry groups will find that this is a resource that can be enjoyed by members who are all at different stages in their spiritual walk.

Different Product Packages to Best Meet Your Needs


For only $5.10, the Basic product purchase contains only 51 Faith Challenges. This is helpful if you’re: a) looking for a more casual experience, b) are able to easily comprehend things by reading, or c) are not sure this book will be that helpful of an investment.

For only $9.60, you will get both the ebook and my Total Spiritual Toolkit. This bundle of worksheets is designed to help you organize every area of your Spiritual Life with 14 different worksheets. All future updates to the bundle will be automatically given to previous customers. I also guarantee one additional worksheet design if you find your needs are not being met. This toolkit is helpful if you’re: a) learn best with hands-on activities, b) want to be able to look back on your progress to measure your spiritual growth, or c) enjoy using planners and other tools to keep your life organized.

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Buy now for $5.10

“Find What you Need, When You Need It” Organization

Because some seasons of life are busier than others, 51 Faith Challenges to Foster Spiritual Growth has been pre-categorized by different levels of time commitment.

  • Short-term – one-time challenges, or challenges requiring less than a week to complete
  • Mid-term – anywhere from two weeks to three months
  • Long-term – these challenges focus on lifelong change or can require extensive preparation to complete

This allows readers to quickly sort out the challenges that are not practical to their season of life.

For the readers who are looking to challenge a specific area of their faith, the challenges have been tagged under relevant spiritual disciplines: Bible study, prayer, scripture memorization, ministry, and fellowship. An index in the back allows readers to find only the types of challenges they are interested in.

  I want to buy this book!

About the Author

Lauren C. Moye is a writer, wife, and mother, but in a former life she was pastor’s kid. Then she became a missionary’s kid, a missionary intern, and, finally, a youth pastor’s wife. God has provided a lot of different opportunities for her to grow while putting her into contact with many different Christians. She now works hard to share some of that knowledge and experience with others.