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Lauren has had a lifelong passion for both writing and for helping people.

Once upon a time, she would have laughed if somebody suggested she write nonfiction to achieve both of those goals. That’s how sure she was about being a fiction writer. Slowly, as Lauren has matured, she has found value in the written word for helping others heal, come to terms with tough situations, and to help them grow closer to God.

A couple of years ago, she would have scoffed if somebody suggested she write for her peer group instead of children or teenagers. She had zero confidence that she could offer adult woman anything of value.

Now, Lauren still has zero confidence, but she is writing nonfiction for adult women anyways because that is what she feels called to do. It’s a classic case of God expanding comfort zones.


So who is Lauren C. Moye?

Lauren C. Moye is a twenty-something mother of one child. (Aren’t those the worst kind of blogger moms to take advice from?! Fortunately, all advice on this blog is free so don’t be upset if it turns out to be bad advice!)

She is a wife to a former youth pastor. The Hubby, as he is dubbed in all posts, is also a Graduate student. Life stays pretty chaotic trying to manage everything. If she’s not playing with Baby H, attempting to do chores, or writing, Lauren likes to dabble in quite a few other hobbies: photography, sewing,cooking, crocheting, coffee sampling, reading, and watching movies.

Lauren views time management as one of her biggest strengths. Her biggest weakness would be an inability to pace herself. She sprints when she needs to jog, then she stumbles in exhaustion for the next half-mile until her second wind. (<== This is not just a metaphor. This is what happens whenever Lauren tries to run.)

She’s an INFJ personality. If you’re not current with your Meyers-Brigg personalities, that means she’s a huge walking contradiction. Loves people, but a serious introvert. Super organized mentally, but her work station ends up with papers strewn everywhere.

How Lauren C. Moye Became a Writer

On the first day of Kindergarten, Lauren wanted to be a nurse. This is mainly because she gave into peer pressure. After all, being a nurse is the most noble job for a woman, right? Several weeks later, she was told that she should be a veterinarian since she loved animals. Of course, being an explorer was a preferred option. After a year of switching between future jobs, somebody asked Lauren the dreaded question again, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

In a fit of inspiration, Lauren responded, “A writer, that way I can be anything I want through my characters!” She never changed her mind again (although, occasionally, she dabbles with the idea of attaching entrepreneurship as a second job).

 Does Lauren Still write Fiction?

YES! Lauren is currently working on some books for girls. If you want more information about these projects, then you seriously want to join Lauren’s newsletter. You’ll get progress updates, little snippets of story, and behind-the-scenes looks at all of my writing projects. (Writing projects INCLUDE stuff that will be happening on the blog, too!)

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Cool…does Lauren actually have anything published?

Scary Mommy has republished a Chaotic Life blog post. She has also been published in Devozine and has won two writing awards for her fiction. She also worked as the Staff Writer of her college. (Please do not Google those articles!)