Alright, Busy Moms and Friends, it’s time for something that I should have done months ago. To be honest, I was too intimidated to do this. What if I messed up? However, I finally realized that having a poorly written disclosure was better than not having anything at all. So here we go.

Chaotic Life Legal Disclosures

Terms of Use

This policy is valid as of March 3, 2017.

You have somehow stumbled across a most chaotic blog. As a sign that you are reading Chaotic Life of your own free will, please continue clicking pages. If, however, you are being forced into reading Chaotic Life by blackmail, at gunpoint, or some other nefarious means, please be aware that you are violating the terms of use. Free will only.

(Erm…guess that leaves out those who ascribe to Reformed Theology. Let’s try that again.)

You are reading this blog because you want to read it. If you do not want to read it, please click away.

I reserve the right to change these terms and conditions as needed and at any point.

While I try my best to research for every post, information contained on Chaotic Life may not be accurate. I do not guarantee that anything I say is correct, so please cross-reference my work with others. Preferably professionals.

Information may also become outdated. For these reasons, please don’t quote me in college papers or hold me accountable.


My Work

Unless credit is given to another person, I am the copyright holder of all written words. You may not republish or reprint my work in any form without my consent. In the even that you somehow profit off of my work, you will be hearing from me. (No seriously, I want to know how you did it.)

Guest Contributors

I do not claim copyright over any guest contributions. My guest contributors retain the copyrights to their work. However, submission of a guest contribution does grant me first-publication rights or reprint rights to the piece. I also am granted the right to edit, quote, link to, and promote the piece as I see fit. This includes creating images.

If a guest contributor chooses to publish their post somewhere else, I do ask for a notification and a linkback to the original publication page. This notification request is not born from a desire to make life difficult for my guest contributors, but rather from a desire to help support them.


Stock photos used on Chaotic Life, unless otherwise noted, originate from or They are all marked as free domain. If you are a scam artist, please be aware that I know how to screenshot and use this frequently so that I have evidence of my source files.

All other graphics, unless otherwise noted, are my own designs using free elements found on I retain all rights to those graphics. However, others can use those graphics without permission. Just leave the website watermark at the bottom. Really, it’s for both of our protection.

Your Comments

Yes, as moderator of this blog, is it necessary that I retain copyrights to your comments. I reserve the right to delete or edit comments as needed. I also retain the right to quote your comments on my social media channels and in graphics. I will give credit in this event, however. You grant me this copyright when you post publish.

It is important to note that I do not claim copyright over anything sent through a private media. This includes messaging systems on social media and email. In other words, what is public shall be public. What is private will be private. I will ask for permission before turning anything private into something public.

Liability and Responsibility

However, I am not to held liable for the content for the comments of others nor am I to be held responsible for any unfortunate accidents that happen if you click an external link from my site.

While I share advice to help you manage your life, it is important for you to realize I do not claim any responsibility for the results you get by following my advice. I share what works for me. It is up to you make your own grown-up decisions about your life.

If you willingly choose to follow my advice, don’t seek to harm me if it backfires on you.

The views and beliefs expressed in my content, flagged under Lauren C. Moye and also found under the general pages of this blog, are my own views and beliefs. I do not claim to represent Christianity, Motherhood, bloggers, or any organization.

However, please be aware that I do publish guest contributors that sometimes have different personal views and beliefs than my own. I am not to be held responsible for what they say on Chaotic Life, and most certainly am not to be held responsible for what they say off of Chaotic Life.

That being said, it is not my intent to malign anybody or anything with the views and beliefs expressed on Chaotic Life. I do not intend harm to anybody or any person. Rather, I seek to uplift, encourage, and help others to succeed.

Affiliate Disclosure and Money Making

As a general practice, Chaotic Life makes no attempts at monetization. However, you will find the occasional affiliate link on Chaotic Life as they naturally fit into the post. To date, there have been no sponsored posts.

I promise to flag all posts that have the potential to earn money appropriately to draw attention to this fact.

Amazon Affiliate

Most affiliate links will be in connection with the amazon affiliate program. In accordance with their rules, I’ll make this statement:

“Lauren C. Moye is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to”